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ATD-2 Phase 3 Briefing at FAA National Customer Forum
May 13, 2020

Mr. Greg Juro, on behalf of the Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) Phase 3 team, briefed at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-hosted National Customer Forum (NCF) meeting on May 13, 2020. NCF is an operator-focused, monthly meeting hosted by FAA’s AJR (SysOps) organization, and usually held at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC). The May 2020 meeting was virtual. Key FAA participants were the Deputy Directors of System Operations (DDSOs) representing the four service areas: East-North, East-South, Central, and West. Key industry participants included director-level air traffic management representatives from all of the airlines, Airlines for America (A4A), and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). There were 68 participants on the May 13 call.

Mr. Dan Murphy (FAA, Director, NAS Operations) and Mr. Mark Hopkins (Director, ATM/CDM at Delta Air Lines) chaired the NCF meeting. During his opening remarks, Mr. Hopkins described the “NASA ATD-2 Phase 3 Trajectory Option Set (TOS) Capabilities” as incredibly important, foundational work and urged meeting participants to pay particular attention.

POC: Shawn Engelland

Completion of Tailored Arrival Manager (TAM) 5A Testing with FAA and Boeing
May 13, 2020

Screenshot of the NASA TestBed showing a TAM advisory for simulated ecoD aircraft
TAM Advisory Solution for Simulated ecoD Aircraft Arriving to Glasgow, Montana

In preparation for the ecoDemonstrator (ecoD) flight demonstration using NASA’s Tailored Arrival Manager (TAM), the TAM 5A simulation was successfully completed, in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing on May 6, 2020. All partners worked remotely with no physical access to laboratory facilities due to COVID-19 restrictions. The NASA team operated systems in the NASA Ames Research Center TestBed lab to generate TAM solutions using periodic input data from Boeing’s virtual B737 simulator and Flight Management System (FMS). With the FAA unable to access their data communications laboratory in New Jersey, a manual method was devised for delivering TAM trajectory solutions to the Boeing flight deck. The method relied on text messaging to first send the TAM solution from NASA to the FAA for translation into a CPDLC uplink message. The translated uplink message was then routed via text messaging from the FAA to Boeing for loading into the FMS.

The test provided valuable insight into how best to conduct remote simulation activities where connectivity and automated processes are limited. Furthermore, all technical objectives were met. These included testing the integration of new flight-plan messages from Boeing, testing a new potential ecoD 2020 arrival route in Montana airspace, further validating the FAA’s CPDLC translation process, and testing fallback procedures in response to advisory-generation contingencies.

POC: Arwa Aweiss, Rich Coppenbarger, and Kee Palopo

WorldWind Completes Renewal of Authorization to Operate with Center IT/Cybersecurity Management
May 13, 2020

Screenshot of WorldWind

WorldWind recently completed its annual renewal of the IT/Cybersecurity Authorization to Operate (ATO). ATOs are generally needed when a NASA IT system is publicly accessible outside the NASA firewall, or when there are harmful risks associated with an internal NASA IT system (inside the firewall) if it were to be compromised. WorldWind successfully passed its independent security audit, addressing all findings with flying colors. WorldWind was granted another 1-year ATO in May 2020.

WorldWind ( is a free, open source software development kit (SDK) for assisting developers in the creation of geographical information systems (GISs). The WorldWind SDK is used by software engineers to build their own GIS applications. WorldWind also provides publicly accessible GIS data services that are housed by NASA Ames Research Center's Data Center. Notable use cases are the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) NextGen Surveillance Analysis Tool (NESAT) which is built off WorldWind’s Web SDK (Javascript). NESAT is a tool to visualize and analyze historical and live, fully-realistic 3D air traffic and surveillance data in the entire National Airspace System. Another notable stakeholder is the Department of Defense, who uses WorldWind’s scalability, modularity, and data buffering algorithms to integrate surveillance data sources into a secure platform to support their mission.

POC: Confesor Santiago

Interest in Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign in North Texas

May 13, 2020

Mr. Paul Borchers attended a virtual meeting of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety and Integration Task Force on April 28, 2020. At this meeting, Mr. Joe Henry, of Lone Star UAS, highlighted their participation in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Ecosystem Workshop and expressed their continuing interest in the National Campaign. Mr. Henry requested NCTCOG to invite representatives of the AAM National Campaign to visit the NCTCOG offices so that they could discuss opportunities for the Dallas-Fort Worth area to participate in the National Campaign. Russell Julian of UASWerx presented information on the March 2020 opening of the Mineral Wells Innovation Zone, a 1300 square mile UAS test range based on the site of Fort Wolters, a former U.S. Army helicopter training facility approximately 60 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas. The Innovation Zone includes a flight test facility with 5G connectivity. A company from New Zealand will be the first to use the range. UASWerx plans to contact both the AAM National Campaign as well as the Air Force Agility Prime project to provide information about their capabilities.

POC: Paul Borchers

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