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National Campaign (NC) Team Site Visit to Wisk
July 9, 2021

The AAM National Campaign team and RVLT Acoustics team traveled to Wisk’s flight test facility located in Hollister Municipal Airport (KCVH), June 28-29, 2021, to hold initial discussions between NASA team members, the Wisk Director of Product Management, and the Wisk Flight Test team. The group also initiated planning for a future NC acoustic flight test with Wisk participation, to inform development of NASA noise prediction methods across multiple vehicle configurations, including Wisk’s Cora eVTOL model. A survey of the flight test location and acoustic measurements of the vehicle during operation was conducted. In addition to touring the flight test facility and viewing a flight demonstration of the current Wisk vehicle configuration, the teams discussed flight test planning needs, areas of focus for collaboration, and objectives of future flight tests that will inform the Wisk Concept of Operations as well as National Campaign objectives.

POC: Shivanjli Sharma

Save the Date: NASA ATD Technical Interchange Meeting – September 22-23, 2021
July 2, 2021

Airspace Technology Demonstrations Technical Interchange Meeting

NASA’s Airspace Technology Demonstrations (ATD) Project’s virtual Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) will be held September 22-23, 2021. This online event hosted by the NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) will feature presentations and panel discussions that highlight how the ATD-1, ATD-2, and ATD-3 demonstration activities have contributed to NextGen. The TIM will focus on how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Industry are utilizing the knowledge and technology developed and delivered under ATD.

More information on the ATD Project TIM is available online at We are assembling an exciting lineup of topics, speakers, and panelists. The agenda will be published on this webpage in the near future. To participate, please:
  • Put the ATD Project TIM on your calendar for September 22-23
  • Tell anyone that you think may be interested
  • Register today to be notified of agenda and attendance logistics updates

ATM-X Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) Upper Class E Traffic Management (ETM) Team meeting with Industry and the FAA
July 2, 2021

The Air Traffic Management Exploration (ATM-X) Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) sub-project Upper E Traffic Management (ETM) team met with representatives from industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on June 10, 2021. In this meeting, a Department of Defense (DoD) representative briefed how the U.S. Navy currently coordinates high-altitude operations for munitions testing with the FAA, and the Montana Space Grant Consortium representatives presented stratosphere balloon operations for the 2017 solar eclipse observations and their coordination with the FAA centers. NASA and the FAA provided a review of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) system and discussed how the UTM requirements, architecture, and data exchange process could be leveraged for the ETM system development. The meeting concluded with an update on NASA’s ETM simulation work, and the attendees were invited to the upcoming ETM Workshop, scheduled for July 21-22, 2021, to discuss and further develop ETM concepts.

POC: Jaewoo Jung

NASA-Joby Use Case Discussion with FAA
July 2, 2021

The Air Traffic Management Exploration (ATM-X) Urban Air Mobility (UAM) subproject kicked off a series of virtual meetings to refine airspace and procedures concepts for UAM operations in the near term. The first meeting took place June 10, 2021. NASA has collaborated with industry partner Joby Aviation to create a set of use cases in the Dallas, Texas area that will be presented and discussed with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stakeholders, including representatives from the NextGen, ATO and AJT organizations. In this activity, direct input from airspace experts is sought in the form of group discussions focused on a series of UAM scenarios or use cases, representing a range of operational challenges and potential solutions. These challenges include operations flying in Class Golf or Echo airspaces, that require no or minimal interaction with air traffic controllers, to operations inside controlled airspace. The usage of current day tools such as letters of agreements (LOA) to achieve UAM operations will also be explored. Subsequent meetings are planned over the next few months. The results and lessons learned from these sessions will be applied to research questions and upcoming simulation studies planned for the UAM subproject. As appropriate, results will be leveraged for X4 activities supporting the Advanced Air Mobility project’s National Campaign.

POC: Savvy Verma

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