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AAM NC ATI hosts "Real-Time Visualization using Grafana" Tech Talk
September 13, 2022

On September 2, 2022, the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Project’s National Campaign (NC) Subproject held a tech talk on real-time visualization, featuring speaker Michele Cencetti of NASA Ames Research Center. The talk was conducted by the NC’s Airspace Testing and Integration (ATI) team. The purpose of the Tech Talk Series is to engage with the AAM community on the types of technologies currently being used and developed during flight test activities and simulations. This was the fourth talk in the series and focused on the use of the Grafana platform as a real-time data visualization tool and the features that have been developed and customized to support the data collection process in the NC.

The first half of the talk described what Grafana is, how this framework has been used within the context of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Subproject, and how its features have been integrated and enhanced during the National Campaign Sub-Project. The second half of the talk was centered on the implementation details of this environment as used in the NC Sub-Project, providing examples of the developed plug-ins, including Custom Panel Plug-ins, Scatter Plots Panel, two-dimensional (2D) Map Panel, three-dimensional (3D) Map Panel, Table Data Panel, Export/Data Control Panel, and Radargram Panel, and envisioning the development of additional features on future research. A recording of the tech talk will be posted here:

The talk was well attended by multiple Subprojects under the AAM ecosystem, aeronautics researchers and others interested in this new technology, across all NASA Centers.

POC: Divya Bhadoria, John Sprague, Michele Cencetti

NASA Hosts Final Briefing About Upper Class E Traffic Management (ETM) Market Modeling
September 13, 2022

On August 31, 2022, the ATM-X Project’s Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) Sub-Project hosted a presentation by a team led by LMI. In FY21, LMI was tasked to 1) elicit knowledge and information to understand the current and future opportunities associated with operations at high altitudes, and the risks and barriers to realizing those opportunities; and 2) estimate the difference in the high-altitude operations market size with and without Upper Class E Traffic Management (ETM) for the United States. As part of their presentation, the LMI team demonstrated a model of the ETM market to estimate the market size associated with three use cases, Fixed and Mobile Internet Services, Smart Cities Internet of Things (IoT) Initiatives, and Forest Fire Detection. Key findings from the task are as follows.
  • Market potential is large and growing for services that can be provided by the High Altitude Platform System (HAPS). In addition to use cases where HAPS can provide superior services to those provided by terrestrial or space-based systems, HAPS can provide supplemental infrastructure to meet the growing demands.
  • Upper airspace is an underutilized resource, creating an opportunity to meet the American public’s needs while other domains may begin to encounter safety and environmental concerns related to expansion.
  • Airspace demand is tied to geographic demand for services rather than evenly distributed. This is a common issue in all airspace classes and requires airspace management techniques to accommodate areas of congestion.
  • ETM is necessary to accommodate operations at scale. The current approach relies on segregated volumes of airspace assigned to each vehicle to comply with existing separation standards. This does not allow an operator to deploy the number of vehicles necessary to serve a viable market, nor does it allow for competition between providers or services.
  • ETM can enable services that are in the public interest that go beyond the commercial services HAPS can provide, including public safety, disaster response, wildfire detection and monitoring, and environmental protection.
These findings and the associated ETM market model will be used to guide NASA’s ETM research and development, and for engagement with the stakeholder community including the FAA and other government agencies.

POC: Dr. Jaewoo Jung

PAAV Conducts Technical Interchange Meeting-2 with Northrop Grumman
September 6, 2022

On August 18, 2022, the ATM-X Project’s Pathfinding for Airspace with Autonomous Vehicles (PAAV) Sub-Project team held a Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) with Northrop Grumman at their facility in Rancho Bernardo, CA. This was the second of a series of TIMs planned under the initial phase of a Space Act Agreement signed between NASA Ames Research Center and Northrop Grumman earlier this year. The TIM focused on the planning of a joint flight demonstration and related simulation activities for PAAV, with flights potentially starting at Moffett Field in 2023 using Northrop’s optionally piloted Firebird aircraft. To set the stage for flight demonstration planning, the TIM featured NASA-led topics on air cargo industry needs, mission scenarios, and concept elements for airspace integration. In following discussions, Northrop affirmed their desire to be an industry leader for remotely piloted operations in the National Airspace System. They further stressed the importance of concepts and flight demonstrations that move the needle towards implementation and realized benefits. Interest was expressed in concepts that support operations during adverse weather and leverage end-to-end digital flight path intent. Both sides agreed to further discuss flight demonstration objectives and potential issues during a meeting in mid-September. That meeting will help prepare for a third, official TIM in the October/November timeframe, which will focus on detailed flight demonstration planning.

POC: Richard Coppenbarger

Negotiation Model Developed for Cooperative Operations in Upper Class E Airspace
August 23, 2022

Dr. Min Xue, the ATM-X Project's Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) Sub-Project Technical Lead, continues work on refining a negotiation model for strategic conflict management, built upon the sequential bargaining model, among high-altitude operations. Results to date show that the proposed model can serve the cooperative operation concept, ensures an agreement can be reached within a predefined, time window, and operators can accurately express their priorities without exposing their private business information. This work will be presented at the 2022 Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) in Portsmouth, VA, September 18–22, 2022.

POC: Dr. Min Xue

DIP Services Portal Version 1.0 is Live
August 16, 2022

Screenshot of DIP Catalog

On August 9, 2022, ATM-X Project’s Digital Information Platform (DIP) Sub-Project released the first version of their portal which provides access only to partners to search and connect to services via the platform. NASA has developed several high-value services that can be reused, such as Traffic Management Initiative services, runway prediction service, taxi time predictions and Fuser (mediated and integrated flight information) that can be found in the DIP Catalog. This is the first iteration of the platform to be used for the FY23 goal to deploy Collaborative Digital Departure Rerouting (CDDR) via cloud-based platform in North Texas, followed by another complex airspace with additional flight operators in FY24 to demonstrate scalability and adaptability.

POC: Mirna Johnson

ATM-X xTM Publishes Path Planning and Energy Management of Hybrid Air Vehicles Algorithm
August 9, 2022

In June 2022, Dr. Krishna Kalyanam of the ATM-X Project’s Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) Sub-Project published a novel path planning algorithm for an electric and gasoline hybrid Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) with AFRL collaborators to the journal of IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. The work was done in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). This algorithm solves the challenging combined path planning + energy mode switching control under battery constraints and noise restrictions, enabling the hybrid vehicle to run in electric mode in certain regions to comply with noise restrictions. Noise abatement is a critical part of low altitudes airspace operations, and this work brings the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) community one step closer to solving the challenge associated with noise. The work delivers a scalable algorithm with performance guarantees on the quality of the solution.

POC: Dr. Krishna Kalyanam

ATM-X PAAV Holds Kickoff Meeting with ODOT
August 9, 2022

On July 28, 2022, a kickoff meeting was conducted between the ATM-X Project’s Pathfinding for Airspace with Autonomous Vehicles (PAAV) Sub-Project team members and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The meeting was the official start of programmatic and technical collaboration with ODOT as part of the Annex 3 Agreement that was signed on June 15, 2022. The PAAV team presented an overview of the Sub-Project including the research strategy, schedule, and technical focus areas. ODOT presented an overview of several ongoing activities supporting unmanned aircraft operations, including their Air Traffic Operations Center, their collaboration with the FAA on remote digital towers, and their SkyVision collaboration with the AFRL for low-altitude flight tracking and ground-based detect-and-avoid systems. ODOT also discussed the National AAM Industry Forum that they are hosting, and which is being sponsored by JobsOhio, on August 22–23, 2022. A planning meeting with ODOT, ATM-X, and PAAV is currently being scheduled. The PAAV Technical Co-Lead will attend the event in person.

POC: Arwa Aweiss, Richard Coppenbarger

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