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ATD-2 Remote Demos

To Join…

  1. Go to:
    Enter as a guest and type your name. NASA Employees can log-in with their email and password (NDC Credentials).

  2. Dial the Telecon Number: 1-844-467-6272, Passcode: 592382#

Demo Objectives

  • Keep broad group of ATD-2 stakeholders informed of progress in an inexpensive and unobtrusive manner
  • Demonstrate actual system capability and lessons learned (as opposed to documents/plans)
  • Take input from stakeholders that can be used to improve the ATD-2 system, processes and/or outreach
  • Identify areas where more detailed discussion is desired/warranted

Previous Demos

Recap of Industry Formulation Input Received on Future Planning

William Chan and Al Capps
October 17, 2019

The ATM-X and ATD teams began an outreach on inputs into NASA future planning at an Industry Workshop meeting in Dallas on September 5th. This webinar briefly recaps the objectives of the future work, provides a summary of the input received thus far and briefly describes next steps.

Presentation: Demo Slides

ATD-2 Data Sharing via TFDM Terminal Publication (TTP) Prototype and Mobile App Use Case

Shawn Gorman
July 12, 2018

NASA and the FAA are collaborating to provide a prototype TFDM Terminal Publication (TTP) feed via SWIM R&D network as part of the ATD-2 Field Demonstration. The webinar will describe the purpose of TTP, its services and data, and details of the implementation of the ATD-2 TTP prototype. The Mobile App Use case exchanging data via TFM TFDM and TTP will also be presented.

Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Download) | Demo Slides

Understand and Process ATC Restrictions in the NAS – Part 2

Brian Phipps
May 23, 2018

Part 2 will focus on the progress and challenges of having various forms of TMI's "scraped" into the ATD-2 system electronically. The current capabilities and future enhancements will be discussed.

Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides | Chat Transcript | Attendees List

Understand and Process ATC Restrictions in the NAS - Part 1

Bob Staudenmeier
April 25, 2018

Part 1 will give examples of various types of Traffic Management Initiatives (TMI's) and how they develop and are communicated in the National Airspace System (NAS). ATD-2 equipment will reflect how the TMI's can be added and displayed in the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)/Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and ramp tower. If time permits, the importance of stream insertion will also be discussed.

Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides | Chat Transcript | Attendees List

Surface Metering - Initial Analysis, Impact, and Evolution

Yoon Jung, Isaac Robeson, Jeremy Coupe, Liang Chen, Leonard Bagasol
March 21, 2018

  • Recap the tactical surface metering concept and present the latest design and software implementation
  • Discuss surface metering usage since Phase 1C go-live
  • Discuss metrics of surface metering performance and benefits
  • Present initial analysis results, lessons learned, and enhancements in algorithm and procedures
  • Discuss future plans, including expanding its use to other departure banks and the fusion of strategic and tactical surface scheduling
Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides | Chat Transcript | Attendees List

Latest IADS Capabilities

Shivanjli Sharma
March 14, 2018

The IADS system first demonstrated at the start of Phase 1 has considerably evolved across multiple areas. The foundational data exchange and integration features have expanded to account for user needs and requests, further enhancing situational awareness. Both Ramp and ATC clients have new features and user interface views to enable ease of use as well as expanding the functionality in each of the domains. Electronic negotiation features have expanded to enable the use of swaps between flights within the same stream class. Surface metering intimation has significantly evolved to a web based display that allows users to enter target excess queue times on an individual runway basis. This remote demo will present an overview of the current ATD2 system and will highlight the changes that have occurred in this last year.

Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides | Chat Transcript | Attendees List

Real-time Dashboard, Post Ops, Current Reports, Data Analysis

December 14, 2017

Demo Topics
  • Discuss and demonstrate data and reports that are made available in the ATD-2 system in real time. Data analysis and system health (DASH) features have been a frequent request of users in the field demonstration thus far.
  • Discuss and show examples of the post operations reports and daily distributions of post operations metrics are key to the evaluation strategy of ATD-2 and of interest to surface personnel
  • Discuss new views/reports that have been requested by users that are still being developed
  • Discuss and give examples of metrics calculated from ATD-2 system demonstration that are available at this point
  • Discuss and give examples of ‘micro benefits’ reports/views that have been discussed with CLT users
Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides | Chat Transcript | Attendees List

General Briefing, Field “go-live” status update

November 9, 2017

Demo Topics
  • This is the general introductory briefing of ATD-2 and demonstration of the system running with live data
  • A special update on “go live” status will be briefed at this time over and above the general briefing
Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides | Chat Transcript | Attendees List

Ramp Traffic Tools, Capabilities, Best Practices

October 12, 2017

Demo Topics
  • As part of ATD-2, NASA has developed a government furnished example of what a ramp controller display may look like, and the data and features it will require for successful collaborative surface decision making (including metering). This tool is called Ramp Traffic Console (RTC).
  • This briefing and demonstration will focus on lessons learned that have come out of the many shadow sessions, live running of the system in operational environments, high fidelity simulations, etc.
  • This briefing will focus on functionality that is seen as important for any future industry tool to provide ramp personnel to operate in a highly collaborative surface environment
Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides

Tactical Surface Metering

September 21, 2017

Demo Topics
  • Discuss and demonstrate the surface metering process that ATD-2 is using during ATD-2 phase 1, as well as the goals of the Phase 1 demonstration versus later work
  • Discuss the key inputs and outputs of the scheduler that allow ATD-2 surface metering (e.g., EOBTs, TMATs, TOBTs)
  • Discuss the exemptions rules, ability for carriers to prioritize flights, delay propagation logic, planning/uncertain group membership based on EOBT, tactical input from the ramp, and other key components of the ATD-2 surface metering system
Presentation: Adobe Connect Recording (Stream, Download) | Demo Slides

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