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Digital Information Platform Technical Reviews
January 4, 2022

On December 2, 2021, the Air Traffic Management Exploration (ATM-X) Project’s Digital Information Platform (DIP) Sub Project held two internal technical reviews. These included the Platform Research Concept Review (RCR) and the SA-1 Preliminary Experiment/Demo Review (PER). The DIP Sub-Project is focused on designing, developing, and demonstrating a platform that supports an ecosystem of digital services to enable improved flight operator decision making. The purpose of the Platform RCR is to ensure alignment with the ATM-X Project’s research objectives. The SA-1 demonstration will validate the platform by demonstrating the ability of traditional flight operators to access and use real-time data-driven services for Collaborative Digital Departure Re-routing (CDDR). The purpose of the SA-1 PER is to ensure the technical quality of the SA-1 demonstration, which aims to deliver a reduction in emissions and fuel associated with aviation operations. Data collection is scheduled to begin in April 2022. Requirements for the reviews were consistent with the Entrance and Exit Criteria adapted from NPR 7123.1B, Appendix G. Reviewers have since submitted feedback and the DIP Sub-Project team will disposition the action items and develop a timeline to resolve them by the next set of reviews. The PER of Platform in Partner Services Build Up Demo 1 is currently scheduled in March 2022, and the SA-1 CDDR Demonstration for Final Experiment Review is scheduled in April 2022.

POC: Mirna Johnson

DIP Meets with Airlines for America
January 4, 2022

On December 16, 2021, the ATM-X Project’s DIP Sub-Project presented a deep dive of technical content to the Airlines for America (A4A) Air Traffic Management Council (ATMC). The discussion included content previously shared with external stakeholders on November 17, 2021, as part of the DIP Architecture and Data Integration Services Workshop #1. The intent of the meeting was to gather direct input from flight operators on the functional architecture of DIP, and the reference implementation of data integration services (DIS) to be demonstrated in DIP’s first collaborative demonstration in FY22. Key questions such as the pros and cons of a unique DIS or competitive market of DIS were also discussed to help inform the architecture of DIP moving forward.

POC: Mirna Johnson

ATM-X Project’s Collaborative Simulation (X4) Partners Conduct Nominal Flight Test Simulation (Sprint #3)
January 4, 2022

On December 17, 2021, the ATM-X Project’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Sub-Project successfully completed another step towards developing a Provider of Services for UAM (PSU) while also leading seven airspace partners in developing their PSU for NC-1. Six of the seven partners (ANRA, Avision, Metron/Airbus, OneSky, SkyGrid, and Unmanned Experts) and NASA successfully conducted a Nominal Flight Test Simulation. Participants were able to conduct vehicle simulation, telemetry updates, conformance monitoring, and operation close-out during the test. This is the third Sprint test in a series of X4 simulation tests aimed to prepare the airspace partners and the NASA PSU for inclusion in National Campaign 1 (NC-1). Sprint #4 exercises an FAA-Industry Data Exchange Protocol (FIDXP) Airspace Authorization scenario with the window opening for testing on January 17, 2022, and an expected end date of February 4, 2022. Based on the outcome of Sprint #4, an assessment will be made on whether the participants have demonstrated sufficient capabilities to continue with NC-1. The series of sprints within the scenarios are used to validate features that will be used in a collaborative scenario simulation with the partners that will run from March–June 2022.

POC: Kevin Witzberger

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