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RTCA SC-228 Approves Final Review and Comment Completion
November 18, 2020

Aviation Systems Division team members Mohamad Refai, Gilbert Wu, Seungman Lee, Ty Hoang, and Jack Connolly, supporting the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS) project, attended the RTCA Special Committee 228 (SC-228) virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, October 26-30, 2020. SC-228 met to review and address comments from industry and government organizations on the draft revision B of the Detect and Avoid (DAA) minimum operational performance standards (MOPS). At the end of this five-day meeting, the RTCA plenary approved the request of the SC-228 leadership team to exit the final review and comment (FRAC) period, and move towards publication. The FRAC completion marks a major milestone for the UAS in the NAS Project.

POC: Gilbert Wu

NASA-KARI Collaborative Research in Air Traffic Management is Concluded
November 18, 2020

Participants of the fifth joint NASA/KARI workshop held May 2019.

Researchers from NASA and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) met virtually on November 12, 2020, to formally conclude the 6-year international air traffic management (ATM) research collaboration between the two organizations. NASA Aeronautics and KARI leaders signed a 5-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in November 2014, and later extended for an additional year, for the purposes of conducting joint ATM research. The joint research efforts included data exchange, algorithm development for airport surface operations, and jointly conducted high-fidelity simulations. Through this collaboration, researchers developed multiple algorithms for scheduling traffic on the surface of Incheon International Airport in South Korea to substantially improve efficiency, predictability, and throughput of airport operations in both nominal and off-nominal situations. Research teams collaborated to analyze airport operations data, developed airport models using NASA’s Surface Operations Simulator and Scheduler (SOSS) fast-time airport simulation tool, and assessed scheduler performance. Under the collaboration agreement, NASA successfully licensed SOSS software as well as the Airspace Traffic Generator (ATG), a real-time simulation software, to KARI for their surface research. KARI supplied NASA with both normal and de-icing operational data from Incheon Airport for analysis, modeling and simulation. Since 2015, the teams co-authored multiple technical papers each year, and presented at the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Aviation Conference. Joint workshops to exchange research progress were held at NASA Ames Research Center and KARI, with the fifth and final workshop at KARI in May 2019. NASA also hosted visiting KARI researchers at Ames to participate in the human-in-the-loop simulations of the Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) tool at the FutureFlight Central (FFC) simulation facility. In recognition of this successful research partnership, the joint team was recognized with a NASA Honor Award in the group achievement category in 2018.

POC: Yoon Jung

National Campaign Airspace Partner X3 Testing
November 18, 2020

The Air Traffic Management Exploration (ATM-X) Project’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) subproject successfully completed testing with three National Campaign (NC) Airspace Partners: Avision, Metron/Airbus and Uber, on November 13, 2020. This X3 Simulation is the final step in which the private sector partners demonstrate their capabilities to manage UAM operations in a simulated airspace. X3 simulations provide a foundational step for supporting both future UAM-SP X-series Simulations and NC Flight Test activities, and provide data and feedback towards the UAM airspace system performance.

POC: Spencer Monheim

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