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UAM Regional Modeling Collaboration with Los Angeles Department of Transportation
April 2, 2020

NASA is exploring collaboration opportunities with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LA DOT) focused on planning for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) as a transportation alternative. As a part of the UAM infrastructure development, LA DOT—like a growing number of city governments—desire a capability to better assess prospective UAM vertiport locations. NASA is developing a Regional Modeling UAM Planning Tool to address this need. NASA Regional Modeling team members met virtually with representatives from the LA Mayor’s Office and the LA DOT including the DOT General Manager, on March 27, 2020. The group discussed NASA’s vision for the vertiport location assessment tool, including how factors such as environmental impact, multi-modal transportation options, zoning, etc., are incorporated in the decision-making process. The LA Mayor’s office representative presented a perspective on how UAM is being pursued as an essential option going forward, and the LA DOT described their vertiport selection considerations. This was the first meeting between NASA and LA DOT to explore research collaboration, and it was decided that additional meetings would be mutually beneficial to further develop potential points of collaboration.

POC: Kapil Sheth, Parimal Kopardekar

NASA ATD-2 Phase 3 Stormy 2020 Kick Off Meeting
April 2, 2020

The NASA Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) team conducted a Stormy 2020 kick off meeting with field operators in the North Texas area on March 19, 2020. The meeting was conducted remotely with all participants due to COVID-19 social distancing practices. The purpose of the meeting was to determine the readiness level of the field users to begin the test in early April as well as provide updates on the new features available in the system. The field users unanimously agreed to start the testing on April 6, 2020, acknowledging that participation may be influenced by COVID-19 related conditions on the part of the flight operators or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facilities.

NASA demonstrated new features of the real time metrics and enhanced filtering capabilities now available in the ATD-2 system. These new features were developed in response to valuable field user input received from Summer 2019 testing. The real time metrics include aggregate delay savings in several categories that are meaningful to the airlines and FAA facilities, as well as a self-scoring metric that reflects the accuracy of the ATD-2 system predictions. The enhanced filtering capabilities now include the capability to integrate NAS-wide reroute restrictions which will enable the system to present a more precise list of candidate flights to the flight operators.

The NASA team is adjusting the training process to enable virtual/remote participation instead of physically being on site. These adjustments include providing the training via video conferencing type capabilities, video recordings, and slide show presentations.

POC: Greg Juro

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