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Joint Surface CDM Team (SCT) & Flow Evaluation Team (FET) Meeting at NTX
February 26, 2020

ATD-2 team members met with FAA SCT and FET members at NASA North Texas Research Station.
NASA North Texas Research Station

On February 20, 2020 the NASA Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) team hosted a joint meeting of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) SCT and FET group at the NASA North Texas Research Station (NTX). The SCT and FET groups are comprised of FAA and industry members and represented multiple FAA organizations and six airline companies.

NASA presented details about the real time metrics that are being developed for use during the Stormy 2020 Trajectory Options Set (TOS) testing, scheduled to begin in early April 2020. The meeting participants gained hands-on experience with the ATD-2 tool through demonstrations intended to help thoroughly explain the Phase 3 capabilities. The demonstrations included multiple examples of the process for the flight operator’s identification and submission of a candidate flight to undergo a reroute, and the subsequent approval by air traffic control (ATC).

NASA also briefed progress on integrating National Airspace System (NAS)-wide restrictions as a means of presenting relevant candidate flights for the flight operators, and an overview of potential future work in this area. An FET member presented requirements that would be needed to ensure the successful, continued use of TOS technology and procedures. Many of the future requirements for industry and FAA relied heavily on lessons learned from the ATD-2 Stormy 2019 test, as well as previous NASA ATD-2 work at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

The meeting resulted in positive feedback and active discussion. The integration of real-time metrics in Stormy 2020 testing gained highly positive feedback by meeting participants, as this capability would provide the flight operator with critical new information to enable more precise and expeditious decision making. The SCT and FET groups expressed their appreciation to the NASA representatives for the many lessons learned during the ongoing ATD-2 work and their desire for NASA to continue making positive enhancements to the NAS. The NASA team will continue to participate in the regularly scheduled SCT and FET meetings.

POC: Greg Juro

ATD-2 team members met with FAA SCT and FET members at NASA North Texas Research Station.
NASA North Texas Research Station

Grand Challenge/FAA Airspace Assumptions Workshop
February 26, 2020

The Grand Challenge (GC) project hosted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) representatives from the Air Traffic, Flight Standards, and Aircraft Certification organizations at NASA Ames Research Center, February 13-14, 2020, to discuss scenario and airspace assumptions for the GC Development Test (DT) flight demonstrations and simulations. The Grand Challenge DT is the first activity in a series with vehicle and airspace industry partners focused on establishing the certification requirements and standards needed for the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market to move forward. The scenarios define a series of progressively more complex capabilities that will demonstrate increasingly integrated operations across infrastructure, vehicle, and airspace components.

NASA’s GC leadership, the GC Airspace Test Infrastructure (ATI) team, FAA partners, and Air Traffic Management Exploration Project (ATM-X) researchers, collaborated on defining the key assumptions for UAM airspace integration. The groups discussed the need for both airspace and performance authorizations as well as the respective roles and responsibilities of the UAM operators, air navigation service providers, and pilots, along with the other entities involved in UAM operations. In addition, the GC DT scenarios were discussed in detail across both flight and simulation activities in order to gain concurrence on interactions and modes of communication in both uncontrolled and controlled airspace scenarios. The groups intend to collectively generate an assumptions document that will be shared between NASA and the FAA.

POC: Shivanjli Sharma

ATD-2 Briefing at National Customer Forum
February 26, 2020

NASA was invited to speak at the National Customer Forum held at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) David J. Hurley Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) in Warrenton, Virginia on February 12, 2020. The audience included representatives from the major U.S passenger and cargo airlines, general aviation, FAA, and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA). NASA presented an overview of the Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) concept and benefits, Phase 3 Field demo status, and ATD-2 to Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) transition plans. The meeting emphasized metrics and perspectives on stakeholder needs and improvements. The audience expressed their appreciation for the NASA ATD-2 system and its influence on the TFDM program, and their anticipation for continued collaboration and engagement.

POC: Al Capps, Shawn Engelland

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