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NASA’s Air Traffic Management Research featured at Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) Tech Symposium’s Tech Center Tuesday (TCT)
May 30, 2018

ATD Booth Display The ATD Booth

NASA's air traffic management research and development were showcased during the annual Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) Tech Symposium’s Tech Center Tuesday (TCT) event, May 15, 2018 at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center (Atlantic City, NJ). This year’s theme was “Celebrating 60 years of Aviation Achievements: Past, Present & Future,” and featured technical tours, demonstrations, and exhibits in a variety of aviation fields from over 40 different projects, programs, and organizations. NASA hosted two booths, which showcased the Airspace Technology Demonstration (ATD) sub-projects and the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) technologies. The NASA ATD booth exhibited the ATD-1 concept animation, Avionics Phase 2 flight test video, and the ATD-2 concept animation. ATD-2 user displays were shown in an adjacent FAA booth highlighting the collaboration with the Tech Center Team. The ATD-3 concept animation was also displayed, depicting the integration of ground-based tools and a flight-deck-based tool focusing on improving en route and arrival phases of flight. The UTM booth featured a simulated scenario of UAS operations, including recent flight test activities from the 6 FAA UAS test sites. The scenario also demonstrated simulated operations in the Bay Area, with ongoing explorations into other integration challenges, such as those associated with public safety. Visualizations and functions of the UTM research platform were also on display, bringing to life the system architecture and data models currently in use, as well as the Insight-UTM iPad app, the UTM Situation Display, and the Google Earth gateway generating a flight-following view of a UAS operation in Google Earth’s 3D environment. Exhibit visitors included government and industry representatives, who showed considerable interest throughout the event. (POC: Andrew Ging, Joey Mercer, Barry Sullivan)

People visiting the ATD booth
Visitors at the ATD Booth

The UTM Booth

Flight testing of Multi-Agent Air/Ground Integrated Coordination (MAAGIC) software
May 30, 2018

Representatives of the MAAGIC team standing in front of NASA's HU-25 aircraft.

The MAAGIC team, including researchers from Ames and Langley Research Centers, as well as technical pilots from industry partner Alaska Airlines (ASA), held a workshop at NASA Langley Research Center, May 22–24, 2018. The team discussed the MAAGIC software capabilities, and conducted two live, end-to-end flight tests with the National Airspace System Constraint Evaluation and Notification Tool (NASCENT) software for dispatchers running on a computer at Ames Research Center communicating with the Traffic Aware Planner (TAP) software for pilots running on NASA's HU-25 aircraft operating from Langley airfield. The tests exercised many capabilities of TAP and NASCENT, as well as the communication and information-sharing capabilities that MAAGIC provides for air/ground integration. Methods to prepare the integrated software system for operational deployment on ASA flights were determined. A delivery date of the MAAGIC software to ASA is targeted for the end of August 2018, with MAAGIC flight trials on ASA revenue flights scheduled to begin in mid-November 2018. (POC: Karl Bilimoria)

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