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ATD-3 Multi-Flight Common Route (MFCR) Technology Transfer to the FAA
December 20, 2017

MFCR forms part of the Airspace Technology Demonstration 3 (ATD-3) suite of technologies, and includes the National Airspace System (NAS) Constraint Evaluation and Notification Tool (NASCENT), an implementation of NASA’s single-flight rerouting Dynamic Weather Routes (DWR) concept in NASA’s Future Air traffic management Concepts Evaluation Tool (FACET). NASCENT calculates time- and fuel-saving advisories that provide efficient routes by avoiding known airspace constraints, such as convective weather, Special Use Airspaces, etc. The DWR concept was extended within NASCENT by clustering similar advisories for multiple/groups of flights sharing common route characteristics. With the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) technical and subject matter expert support, NASA performed human-in-the-loop simulation evaluations, the results of which were detailed in the MFCR Concept of Operations and Functional/Performance Requirements. On December 14, 2017, the ATD-3 subproject proudly transferred the MFCR technology to the FAA. The FAA has closely monitored the MFCR efforts which have been found to be applicable to their Advanced Flight-Specific Trajectories (AFST) program; AFST is a part of their next generation Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technologies (CATMT) Work Package 5. (POC: Kapil Sheth)

Training of Alaska Airlines personnel at NASA Ames Resarch Center
December 20, 2017

The air-ground integration effort within the Airspace Technology Demonstration 3 (ATD-3) subproject, called Multi-Agent Air-Ground Integrated Coordination (MAAGIC) is underway with Alaska Airlines (ASA) as the prime industry partner. The ground-based reroute advisory component, National Airspace System Constraint Evaluation and Notification Tool (NASCENT) is close to virtual deployment at the ASA System Operations Center in Seattle, Washington. Six members of the ASA team, four dispatchers and two pilots, visited NASA Ames Research Center on December 13, 2017 for additional information and training on operating the NASCENT system. NASA provided the ASA team with an introduction of the concept, algorithm, and benefits, along with a demonstration of the software, and gained hands-on experience with the software in the ATC Lab. The ASA participants exhibited their enthusiasm about having NASCENT running at ASA, and about the entire MAAGIC effort to gain more efficiencies from their flight operations. (POC: Kapil Sheth)

UTM USS Implementers Collaborative Demonstration
December 20, 2017

On December 13, 2017, the Unmanned Aviation System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) project hosted a collaborative demonstration with nine external UTM Support Service (USS) implementers, in the largest UTM interoperability test to date. The external implementers included Airmap, GE, Amazon, ANRA Technologies, Avision Robotics, the Texas FAA Test Site, Rockwell Collins, Simulyze, and Transtrex. With NASA’s participation, 10 USSs in total shared data and simulated small UAS operations in a demonstration that prepared the participants for the Technology Capability Level 3 (TCL3) flight testing which will start in February 2018. Most of the organizations participating will be supporting at least one TCL3 test site in a USS role. NASA Ames’ Aviation Systems Division, Human Systems Integration Division and the Information Technology Directorate participated, managing the NASA USS, the USS data collection, and the Flight Information Management System (FIMS). (POC: Joseph Rios)

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