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FutureFlight Central Projector Upgrade
May 11, 2016

The NASA Ames FutureFlight Central (FFC) simulator facility recently completed an extensive upgrade of the 360-degree out-the-window view with a replacement of 12 new Sony laser projectors. The new projectors enable higher image resolution, a brighter picture, and digital input connectivity, all which significantly improves the out-the-window scene. The new projectors also feature:
  • Direct projection, replacing the mirrored rear projection system of the previous projectors, which, due to their age, were starting to produce warping of the visual image, alignment problems between windows, and poor picture quality.
  • A MTBF (mean time between failure) of 20,000 hours (with the auto light dimming function enabled) and outstanding brightness and color stability over time. The new projectors should last for 10 years of normal use in FFC without significant recurring maintenance cost.
  • Laser diode (~ 450 nm) light source which is more efficient (losing less light), and more environmentally friendly compared with the former Mercury lamp-based projection systems
(POC: Fay Chinn)

ATD-2 User Working Group Meeting
May 11, 2016

Group photo of ATD-2 User Group Meeting.
ATD-2 User Group Meeting participants

On May 3-4, 2016, members of the NASA Airspace Technology Demonstration (ATD)-2 team from Ames and Langley Research Centers met ATD-2 system users at the American Airlines (AAL) training facility at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) (Charlotte, NC). Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) participants included representatives from the En-Route Facilities in Washington, DC and Atlanta, Charlotte Air Traffic Control Tower, Charlotte TRACON, and FAA headquarters organizations ANG, AJV, AJR, AJM, and the Southern Region. From the local Charlotte operations, AAL ramp tower and CLT airport participants were also present. NASA presented ATD-2 background information, including foundational FAA technologies, NASA and FAA research, and the phased ATD-2 development and demonstration plan. NASA briefed the attendees on the status of ongoing work, including the Phase 1 Concept of Use, the notional TBFM (time-based flow management) deployment plan, the desired training model and the proposed ATD-2 process and quality checkpoints. The user meeting led to a number of productive interchanges amongst the multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational team. (POC: Al Capps)

ATD-2 network connectivity requirement successfully demonstrated
May 11, 2016

Two major accomplishments were achieved May 4-5, 2016, demonstrating connectivity to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) laboratory space used by NASA for ATD-2 testing and evaluation. The NASA Integrated Communication Services (NICS) wide area network was successfully connected to equipment in the NASA rack at CLT’s shared tenant space, which will supply the necessary SWIM (system-wide information management) data feeds and other critical system interfaces that drive ATD-2. Network connectivity to NASA's CLT lab in the CLT Airport's Old Terminal was also verified, which will be used to support shadow evaluations, training and demonstrations in the laboratory space. (POC: Al Capps)

Advanced Electronic Flight Strips (AEFS) kick off at CLT
May 11, 2016

On May 6, 2016, NASA ATD-2 personnel participated in the FAA AEFS kickoff meeting at CLT Tower/TRACON. AEFS deployment is an element of the TFDM (terminal flight data manager) early implementation of Electronic Flight Data (EFD), which is a key component of the overall Integrated/Arrival/Departure/Surface (IADS) solution. The FAA is deploying AEFS to CLT earlier than originally planned to support the ATD-2 field demonstration. During the meeting, the groups established general dates by which the installation, adaptation, training and operational use of the system would transpire, and enabled productive dialog between the relevant parties. (POC: Al Capps)

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