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FAA Flow Evaluation Team Visits NTX
November 25, 2015

Industry and government members of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) Flow Evaluation Team (FET) visited the NASA North Texas Research Station (NTX) on November 4, 2015. The team observed video demonstrations of the human-in-the-loop evaluation of the Integrated Demand Management (IDM) concept that was conducted in the Airspace Operations Laboratory (AOL) at NASA Ames Research Center in August 2015. NTX personnel provided an overview of the NTX facility and provided additional demonstrations of Precision Departure Release Capability (PDRC) and the Dynamic Weather Routes tool (DWR). (POC: Paul Borchers)

Invited Talk to Stanford University Department of Computer Science
November 25, 2015

The NASA Ames Senior Scientist for Air Transportation, Dr. Banavar Sridhar, was invited by Dr. David Cheriton, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University, to present a Freshman Seminar on “What is aviation operations and how computational thinking influences its design?” on November 19, 2015. The talk was organized as a series of dozen questions with a third of the talk devoted to the impact of new technology on aviation operations in the future. (POC: Banavar Sridhar)

NASA Ames Hosts RTCA SC-228 Meeting
November 25, 2015

From November 18-20, 2015, an RTCA Special Committee 228 meeting was hosted at NASA Ames Research Center. The RTCA is a public-private partnership that provides the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with comprehensive, industry-vetted recommendations on critical aviation modernization issues. RTCA SC-228 is working to develop the minimum operational performance standards for large unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The meeting focused on reviewing the latest UAS simulation and testing activities from the various contributing organizations, including NASA, as they pertain to the development of detect-and-avoid requirements and command and control link guidelines. The committee reviewed NASA's surveillance, alerting and guidance requirements for pilot-in-the-loop detect-and-avoid systems on unmanned aircraft as well as human-factors guidelines for ground control station operation, including pilot workload and maneuver negotiation. The RTCA recommendations on final standards are expected in 2016. (POC: Confesor Santiago)

Final UAS Traffic Management Build One Test Completed
November 25, 2015

On November 18, 2015, the UAS Traffic Management (UTM) team conducted a final demonstration at Moffett Field Airfield. During this test, the UTM team successfully demonstrated the connection of a UAS ground control station to the UTM system over the cellular network, as well as the UTM system alerting UAS operators of non-conformance of an operational plan (flying outside their flight area), and messaging between the UTM manager and the UAS operator. In order to accomplish these objectives an Iris+ UAS was flown on the airfield and a simulated vehicle was flown virtually from the Multi-Aircraft Control System (MACS). Both live and virtual aircraft were shown on a UTM Manager display in the Human Systems Integration Division's Airspace Operations Laboratory (AOL) lab, in the field (via an IOS App), and in the Aviation Systems Division's SMART-NAS (Shadow Mode Assessment using Realistic Technologies for the National Airspace System) TestBed. This live-virtual-constructive environment allowed for the UTM system to interact (by sending alerts and messages) with both the UAS operator on the airfield and the confederate operator in the lab. (POC: Marcus Johnson)

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