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Fourth OIA Risk Mitigation Simulation Completed
March 20, 2015

The Operational Integration Assessment (OIA) Risk Mitigation (ORM) Simulations are a series of four simulations with the objective of reducing a specific risk for the OIA, which is a test of NASA's Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSS) capability to be conducted at the Federal Aviation Administration’s William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The fourth and final ORM simulation was completed at NASA Ames Research Center on March 10-13, 2015 with the participation of nine retired controllers, twelve pseudo-pilots, and one subject matter expert. ORM-4 was conducted to validate three elements of the OIA: (1) the final update (v. 4.2.0 to v. 4.2.3) of the prototype Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) which included additional scheduling command and control restrictions and FAA software defect fixes for the FAA's Ground-based Interval Management for Spacing (GIM-S) advisories; (2) various minor modifications to the airspace chart change update (CCU); and (3) the final up-leveled prototype of the Raytheon-developed Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) when integrated with other software platforms, including TBFM and the Multi-Aircraft Control System (MACS). Fourteen simulation runs were conducted over the course of ORM-4, and included several off-nominal events focusing on recent software modifications to the radar surveillance emulator to enable proper simulation of internal departures. Observations and participant feedback indicated that the ORM-4 objectives were successfully met, with more detailed objective data analysis underway. Upon the successful completion of ORM-4, the TBFM and STARS software versions have been transferred to the WJHTC. This final transfer is the culmination of 39 simulation days occurring over a 9 month period (36 simulation days at Ames, and 3 at the WJHTC). Second level engineers (SLEs) at the WJHTC have loaded the prototypes on the two respective platforms and will utilize the next lab shot to verify and test this update across their systems, which will be used for the remainder of the OIA. The NASA OIA team is preparing for the first OIA shakedown at the WJHTC, scheduled for April 6-10, 2015. (POC: Shivanjli Sharma )

Transitioning to Autonomy Workshop
March 20, 2015

Aviation Systems Division researchers and managers participated in the “Transitioning to Autonomy Workshop: Changes in the Role of Humans in Air Transportation” which took place March 10-12, 2015 at the NASA Ames conference center at Moffett Field, CA. The three day workshop was attended by industry, academia, and government participants, who heard presentations and participated in break-out sessions. The presentations included descriptions of work ongoing in the automotive industry, recent advances in automated mining vehicles and applications to health care, as well as presentations from academic researchers from multiple universities and the US military, and NASA Airspace Operations and Safety Program leaders. (POC: Katharine Lee)

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