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Half-Day Workshop on Function Allocation for Separation Assurance
August 22, 2014

On July 29, 2014 a half-day workshop was held at NASA Ames Research Center to solicit community input on which research directions are important for determining the best allocation of separation assurance functions between humans and automation and between ground-based and airborne systems. The workshop had more than 90 participants with diverse backgrounds split fairly evenly between academia, industry, international organizations, and NASA. A high-level overview of NASA research into function allocation for separation assurance was presented; the participants then were divided into groups to discuss various research areas and rank their importance to determine how functions should be allocated. The input gathered at this workshop will be used to guide NASA's Function Allocation research which seeks to identify the separation assurance architecture that provides the best performance for the increased demand and diverse vehicle requirements of the future air traffic management system. (POC: Todd Lauderdale)

Meeting to Develop Future FAA research for Work Package 5
August 22, 2014

On July 30, 2014, representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration's Advanced Methods program visited NASA Ames Research Center to discuss their plans in the development of “Work Package 5.” This group is responsible for defining the concept engineering work for functional enhancements to be fielded in support of the Traffic Flow Management System. The NASA Ames and FAA teams discussed collaborations involving learning automation and post-operations training. The concept engineering and function/capability development will be completed between now and FY 2017. Deployment of this work package will likely be from FY 2020-2024. This FAA group will continue to involve NASA in their development of Work Package 5. (POC: William Chan)

NASA and FAA Operational Integration Assessment for Terminal Sequencing and Spacing Kickoff Meeting
August 22, 2014

NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are planning an Operational Integration Assessment (OIA) of the Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSS) technology. Kick-off meetings were hosted at the FAA's William J. Hughes Tech Center (WJHTC) on August 20-21, 2014, involving over 40 participants. The objective of the OIA is to identify and mitigate TSS operational integration risks. TSS will be demonstrated at the WJHTC, where the Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) and Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS)-Elite prototype systems will be integrated with the operational En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system. The OIA will involve a human-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation in May 2015, where the FAA's National Air Traffic Controller Association (NATCA) terminal area controllers will evaluate TSS; their feedback will help refine the procedures and training requirements for the operational environment. (POC: Jane Thipphavong, Kevin Witzberger)

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