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Division Highlights

FIAT-5 Simulation Shakedown Completed at Ames
July 18, 2014

Photo of a researcher analyzing simulation data.
Analysis of FIAT simulation data

The Fully-Integrated Air traffic management Technology Demonstration-1 (ATD-1) Test (FIAT)-5 experiment shakedown simulations were conducted July 8-10, 2014. The objectives of FIAT-5 are to conduct Phoenix Airport arrival operations that have not been simulated in prior FIAT human-in-the-loop (HITL) simulations, including off-nominal events such as go-arounds and planned airport configuration changes. The newest Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) software build and the NASA-enhanced Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) release 3.12 were both utilized. This simulation of arrival operations will support the expected Operational Integration Assessment (OIA) requirements that are still being defined. This simulation also represented the first time that the FIAT simulations included required navigation performance (RNP) radius-to-fix approach routes and independent and dependent (staggered) runway arrival operations both West- and East-flow configurations. The simulation team is currently consolidating a list of reported and observed issues to prioritize corrective actions and preparing for the second shakedown, scheduled for the week of July 28, 2014. (POC: Kevin Witzberger)

Aviation Systems Division Meeting with US Airways at Charlotte Airport
July 18, 2014

Screenshot of SARDA

Aviation Systems Division researchers from the Spot and Runway Departure Advisor (SARDA) team met with managers of US Airways Operations, Planning, and Performance (OPP) Airport ramp operations staff, and an ATC coordinator July 1-2, 2014, to discuss steps for field deployment and testing of SARDA at the US Airways ramp tower at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). During the meeting, the teams discussed scope/operational concept, installation and data connectivity, training, high level system architecture, and data requirements for integrating the SARDA tool in the ramp tower environment. The teams are now planning further technical discussions to identify actions needed for integrating SARDA and US Airways systems. (POC: Dr. Yoon Jung)

SARDA HITL #4 Shakedown Run Completed at Ames
July 18, 2014

Photo of NASA researchers at SARDA consoles in FutureFlight Central during a shakedown simulation.
The SARDA team conducts a shakedown simulation in FutureFlight Central.

A shakedown simulation was completed June 24-26, 2014 in NASA Ames Research Center's FutureFlight Central (FFC) tower simulation facility to prepare for the Spot and Runway Departure Advisor (SARDA) human-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation #4. Ramp controllers from US airways and other airlines tested refined pushback advisory capabilities. The simulation also presented local tower (FAA) controllers with departure and arrival crossing sequencing advisories for the first time in SARDA testing. The shakedown also represented the addition of the ground controller position to the simulation. Three-hour scenarios were tested in order to capture “turn-around” scenarios when arrivals go through the process of becoming departures. Further evaluation of the ramp tower console (RTC) user interface was performed. Four ramp controllers (with two provided by US Airways), two tower controllers, and eight pseudo-pilots participated. The actual data collection is scheduled for the week of July 28, 2014. (POC: Ty Hoang)

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