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Division Highlights

Aviation Systems Division Research Receives Awards at ATM 2013
June 13, 2013

Eight Aviation Systems Division researchers presented their research this week at the 2013 FAA/Eurocontrol Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar in Chicago, Illinois. This highly selective international conference is the premier venue for the exchange and discussion of technical progress in air traffic management research in the US and Europe. Several division researchers were recognized with best paper awards in the following tracks: Sandra Lozito (Human Factors, “An Investigation of Flight Deck Data Link in the Terminal Area”), Laurel Stell (Trajectory and Queue Management, “Regression Analysis of Top-of-Descent Location for Idle-Thrust Descents”), and division co-authors William Chan and Shon Grabbe (Weather in ATM, “An Operational Evaluation of the Ground Delay Program Parameters Selection Model (GPSM)”). Sandra Lozito's paper was selected for the Kevin Corker Award for Best Overall Paper at the conference. (POC: Tom Davis)

Aeronautics Employees Honored by ARMD Associate Administrator
June 13, 2013

Rich Coppenbarger, Matt Ma, and Leslye Mogford were recognized by the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Associate Administrator at the 2012 ARMD Associate Administrator awards. They were honored as members of the larger “ARMD Outreach Team” in the category of “Program and Mission Support, Group Winner.” The team was lauded for its work to communicate the value and societal benefits of NASA aeronautics research to decision-makers and to the general public through an unusually high number of NASA and ARMD events in FY12. Rich, Matt and Leslye were instrumental in producing the first-ever “NASA Aeronautics Day” on Capitol Hill, a highly successful informational event for Congressional Members and Staffers that significantly elevated awareness of NASA's role in improving the nation's air transportation system. (POC: Cheryl Quinn)

UAS Project Collaboration Meeting with Government and Industry Stakeholders
June 13, 2013

Researchers from the Integrated Systems Research Program's (ISRP) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the National Airspace System (UAS/NAS) Project met May 14–16 at NASA Langley Research Center with the FAA's Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) and Unmanned Aircraft Integration program offices, the Department of Defense's Air Force Research Lab, and RTCA Special Committee 228 to discuss plans for collaboration. Among the strategic alignment opportunities that were identified during the meetings, NASA and the FAA identified an opportunity for NASA to provide data and analysis from its experiments to help the FAA develop: (a) certification standards for ACAS (the next-generation TCAS system for UAS); and (b) Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Sense-and-Avoid systems. (POC: Eric Mueller)

Saab-Sensis NRA Briefing
June 13, 2013

On June 7, 2013, Saab-Sensis briefed their NASA Research Announcement (NRA) year 3 progress on relating optimal solutions to current-day traffic flow management controls. They have developed a method for simulating various controls (like ground delay programs, miles-in-trail restrictions, and reroutes) and analyzing which flights are affected and which airspace resources are most impacted. Using this information, they worked on ways of translating optimal controls of individual flights into traffic management initiatives. Eventually, this system might be used to develop a decision support tool for planning air traffic management initiatives in a more unified way. This work is scheduled to be completed later this year. (POC: Joey Rios)

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