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Quarterly Briefing for the Surface Trajectory Prediction and Taxi Conformance Monitoring NRA: The Surface Trajectory Prediction and Taxi Conformance Monitoring NRA Team led by Mosaic ATM gave their first quarterly briefing on September 3. They are focusing on identifying methods for modeling aircraft movement on airport taxiways as well as developing requirements for computing 4D aircraft trajectories on the surface. Aircraft surface trajectory prediction and taxi conformance monitoring are expected to be key components of improving surface operations. Therefore, a technical interchange meeting with NASA Ames surface scheduling researchers was also held in conjunction with this quarterly briefing. The goal was to have these two teams share ideas that may benefit both research efforts.

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Generic Airspace Phase 2 Simulation: In June of 2009, the Phase 2 simulation of the Generic Airspace Project was run in the Radar ATC Laboratory in the Crew Vehicle Systems Research Facility (CVSRF). In this simulation, the Generic Airspace Team (GAT) tested new implementations and modifications to tools and concepts developed during Phase 1 of the project. The primary goal of the project is to identify tools and methodologies that can simplify airspace for controllers. This simplification may shorten the period of time required to qualify the controller, or may also enable a controller to take over unfamiliar airspace more readily. In Phase 1, a Controller Information Tool (CIT) was developed as an auxiliary display for the en route flight segment. This display offered generic information (i.e., frequencies, jet routes, etc.) to controllers unfamiliar with the selected airspace. In Phase 2 two sectors were combined to ascertain whether more traffic can be handled using the tool. Overflight traffic routing was included in the CIT in addition to the climb and descent traffic that was available in Phase 1. Significantly, enhanced data link procedure capabilities were incorporated in the airspace simulation software (MACS) for increased automation. The updated scenarios and CIT concept was evaluated in a weeklong simulation. The CIT will be further updated based on controller feedback from this simulation in preparations for more formal evaluations in 2010.

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Visitors to the LAX North Airfield Safety Study (LAX-NASS): The LAX-NASS simulation hosted several high-level visitors from LAX management recently. The visitors were Alan Rothenberg (President), Valeria Velasco (Vice President), and Fernando Torres-Gil (Commissioner) of the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Board of Airport Commissioners. Their visit followed a previous visit to the simulation by LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, Airport Commissioner Walter Zifkin, and LAWA Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey. All the visitors were impressed with the realism of the simulation and expressed confidence that the simulation would yield valid results on the safety and operational aspects of the alternate runway configurations being evaluated. After the visit, Commissioner Torres-Gil said: “we were amazed at the ability of NASA Ames to simulate the many options and scenarios that will enable us to make thoughtful decisions… I know that most of us will have been at NASA Ames and this visit will truly inform our future actions. NASA Ames is an invaluable partner and as they told us: LAX and LAWA are ahead of all other airport authorities in utilizing their incredible technological sophistication and gathering the data that is crucial to sound decision-making.” The simulation study will be completed on September 1, 2009.

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Ms. Tamika Rentas has been named Soldier of the Year of her brigade, the 115th Regional Support Group of the U.S. Army. The Soldier of the Year (SOY) competition is a national competition where soldiers are judged on: their mastery of Army code, history, and other topics; the proper wear and appearance of the Army dress uniform; their performance on the Army physical fitness test; and their marksmanship skills. Tamika won the Soldier of the Year competition at the Company, Battalion and Brigade levels; at each level, the number of events increases, the performance standards are raised, and the competition becomes more challenging. She now advances to statewide competition, after which the competition moves to the regional and national levels.

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