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A Multi-Trajectory Conflict Detection and Resolution Algorithm for Climbing Flights: An algorithm that incorporates fast-climb, slow-climb, dead-reckoning trajectory predictions and improved resolution logic into automated conflict detection and resolution functions has been developed and tested in laboratory simulation. The fast-climb and slow-climb trajectories were generated by using low and high aircraft weight values, respectively. This algorithm was evaluated using a set of 11 loss-of-separation cases involving either late or no detection due to climb prediction uncertainty that occurred in CTAS simulations which employed a single climb trajectory prediction for climbing flights. Results indicate that this multi-trajectory algorithm successfully detected these 11 conflicts about 5 minutes earlier on average than its single-trajectory counterpart. This timely conflict detection allowed for strategic resolution maneuvers to be issued and executed, thereby preventing loss of separation in all test cases. Additional simulations will be conducted to evaluate this algorithm under the full breadth and variety of conflict situations that could arise.

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Airportal Project Airport Surface Research and Environmental Meeting: Three different NextGen Airportal Project NRA Teams met at San Jose State University on January 27 & 28, 2009 to share their research and ensure collaboration among the teams. Meeting participants included individuals from Georgia Tech, Sensis Corporation, San Jose State University, Optimal Synthesis, Metron Aviation, VGO Consulting, JLP Consulting and NASA. Overall, there were about 25 participants. Two of the NRA Teams, led by Georgia Tech and San Jose State University, are working in the research area of surface optimization. A third team, led by Metron Aviation, is involved in developing environmental constraints. NASA researchers presented surface simulation development and research tasks for the Airportal Project. An outcome of this meeting included a plan to collaborate to complete a milestone within the Airportal Project that requires analyses of 1.5 times traffic capacity for two major US airports. This milestone is to develop efficient surface movement solutions that include runway balancing and taxi time optimization while minimizing environmental impact.

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FAA Supplies Live Air Traffic Control Data to NASA: On Monday, January 13, Gregory Wong (AFO) received signed originals of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and an Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) for NASA to receive live air traffic control data from the FAA Technical Center. The agreements were signed by officials at the FAA and NASA. They spell out the rules and guidelines concerning receiving, securing, and distributing the data. Their completion ends a one-and-a-half year effort to bring the data transfer into compliance with a Presidential Homeland Security directive.

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VMS Vertical Columns' Guide Wheels Repair: Critical maintenance and repair work was completed on the VMS motion system in early January. The guide wheels located inside the two large support columns that hold up the 120,000-pound motion base were broken and needed replacement. In order to reach the guide wheels the mechanics removed the 800-pound top sections of the inner column from both support columns, a task that had not been done before. A three-week window between simulation entries was planned for this work and the work was meticulously planned in order to meet this schedule. Any unforeseen problems could put the VMS out of commission and delay the Lunar Lander simulation that was scheduled to resume after the repair. Three damaged guide wheel brackets and guide wheels were replaced from the top of inner columns. The repair was completed successfully and safely three days ahead of schedule.

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