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01.29.08 Division Highlights

Integration of new generalized interface for trajectory generation: A new modeling language that allows for trajectory predictions with flexible speed and altitude profiles is being developed. This new interface supports the step resolution and continuous descent arrival trajectory types needed by the NextGen Separation Assurance and Super Density Operations research areas. The interface has been integrated into the existing Center TRACON Automation System (CTAS) software baseline, where comparisons to both observed flight paths and predictions from the existing trajectory interface can be performed. Initial testing has shown that over 90% of the trajectory requests for the CTAS en route conflict detection software are being generated. The inputs that comprise the 10% of failed requests and invalid trajectory profiles are being investigated.

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Algorithm Developed for Scheduling and Controlling Taxi Movements: A simple, First Come First Served algorithm for scheduling and controlling the taxi movements of the aircraft on the surface of a given airport has been developed. At any time step, the algorithm works by giving preference to aircraft that have been delayed the most. Though this algorithm is possibly not optimal, it is robust to changes in the pushback times of the departure aircraft and has a fast running time. The algorithm is being compared to the optimization models developed for the taxi-scheduling problem. The schedules generated by the algorithm are currently being compared with the results of the optimization models to determine the benefits of optimization for taxi scheduling at the DFW airport.

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Simultaneous approaches to very closely spaced parallel runways: Raytheon presented the results of a literature search for information on the topic at a January 23rd meeting at Ames Research Center. In addition, the research issues and the simulation requirements were finalized for two experiments to be conducted this summer. The Raytheon Terminal Area Capacity Enhancement Concept (TACEC) will form the basis for the experiments, with research focusing on safe trajectories and the pilot's information requirements in situations where a breakout maneuver must be executed during the closely coupled phase of a simultaneous approach.

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AviationSimNet Working Group Meeting: The AviationSimNet Applications Working Group meeting was held at Ames Research Center on January 22nd. AviationSimNet is a consortium of government and industry participants proposing communications and interface standards for distributed air traffic management simulations. The Applications Working Group concentrates on defining the needs of the ATM simulation community and determining how the standard can best meet these needs. The agenda for this meeting was to identify channels for accessing simulation resources that are available to AviationSimNet users. Through software developed for the VAST project, Ames has cockpit and air traffic control simulation facilities, research tools, and state of the art decision support tools that can be accessed via AviationSimNet. Attendees included representatives from the FAA, NASA Langley, MITRE CAASD, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Boeing Technology, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, and EUROCONTROL.

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System-level Analysis Workshop: A 2-day workshop (January 23-24, 2008) was conducted to design experiments for assessing the system-level benefits of next generation airspace concepts. The objective was to understand the breadth of the experiments and to prioritize them. Ones that inform how an integrated future air transportation system can operate and perform were given priority. In addition, the experiments were developed in collaboration with the project principal investigators to ensure that they answer relevant research questions. Finally, common simulation scenario requirements were also discussed.

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