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09.12.07 Division Highlights

Air Traffic Control Seminar Completed: FAA personnel visited Ames Research Center to give a seminar on managing air traffic. The presentation was well attended by researchers working on the NGATS Airspace and Airportal projects, and it was especially useful for the dozen new employees that have joined the organization. The instructors explained the different positions occupied by air traffic controllers and traffic flow managers and the duties performed by each. In addition, they addressed the introduction of new surveillance, scheduling, and conflict detection technologies and simultaneous approach and oceanic procedures into air traffic operations.

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Demonstration Version of Airspace Modeling Software Complete: An internal demonstration version of the Airspace Concept Evaluation System, named ACES X, was completed. This restructured version contains a prototype of a new architecture designed to facilitate integrating models of NGATS Airspace and Airportal concepts into the software. The new version is undergoing testing in the lab.

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Airspace Modeling Capability Presented at New Forum: Dr. Robert Windhorst gave a presentation describing the Airspace Concept Evaluation System at the MODSIM World Conference and Expo this week. MODSIM WORLD is the premier international conference and exposition for collaboration and transfer of modeling and simulation knowledge, new research, development and applied technology across all public and private sectors to support and enhance leadership and management decision-making.

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Documentation of improved development process for ATM software: A methodical process for designing a software tool for testing en route air traffic management concepts has been completed. The results will be applied to the development of other air traffic management software. This work focused on developing a scalable, low-maintenance software application to replace a legacy en route conflict prediction tool. Previous development efforts provided the lessons learned that guided the creation of the new en route conflict prediction tool. This new application met near term functional requirements while allowing flexibility to support future research objectives. The software process encouraged incremental prototyping and short development intervals. Members of the development team used best practices to increase the reliability and maintainability of the software application. When compared to the legacy en route conflict prediction tool, the new application had seven times fewer highly complex functions, while maintaining data integrity to ensure consistent predictions.

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Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS) Hydraulic Servo System Upgrade Project: The VMS Servo Control System is implemented on analog circuitry, which limits flexibility of tuning options, makes troubleshooting tedious, and replacement components harder to find. This analog system is being replaced with a digital system using VxWorks as the real-time operating system and Matlab/Simulink/RealTime Workshop to implement the servo control. To prevent simulator downtime, the new digital system uses a new test platform so as to keep the analog system available for piloted simulations.

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