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09.05.07 Division Highlights

Three-Dimensional Weather Impacted Traffic Index: The concept of weather impacted traffic index (WITI), the number of aircraft affected by weather, estimates total delay experienced by aircraft due to weather related events. The WITI computations use severe weather information from the NOWcasting of precipitation with RADARs system. The availability of "echo-tops," which provide information about the altitude up to which convective weather extends, can be used to improve the computation of WITI. Both the weather and echo top information are expressed as polygons covering regions in the airspace. The WITI computations involve the determination of the location of thousands of aircraft inside thousands of polygons. This computation is repeated many times during an hour. A successful scheme now computes 3-D WITI for a day. This capability will be used with weather data forecasts to develop recursive schemes to estimate delay.

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International Society for Computers and Their Applications (ISCA): Dr. Banavar Sridhar has been invited to give a plenary talk at the ISCA 20th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering in November, 2007. ISCA focuses on the applicability of the theory of computers and serves as a platform for the transfer of new computing concepts, innovative hardware designs, and interdisciplinary research to the community. Dr. Sridhar's talk will discuss software and computational techniques used in air traffic flow management.

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Quick change capability for automated conflict resolution algorithm evaluation: The fast-time testing method for evaluating automated conflict resolution algorithms demonstrated its versatility recently. To date, all fast-time experiments for automated conflict resolution have used the Cleveland Center airspace. To test the algorithm's sensitivity to specific airspaces, initial experiments last week used the Fort Worth airspace. The results of those experiments are being collected. What is newsworthy is how quickly the test apparatus, the Airspace Concept Evaluation System (ACES), was reconfigured to support this experiment -- it took only a few hours to configure the simulator for the new airspace, queue up an authentic set of traffic, and initiate the experiment. This demonstrated the versatility of the ACES testbed and the agility with which researchers are now able to pursue their work.

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Simulator Experimenter/Operator Station Upgrade: The most recent upgrade to the Crew-Vehicle Systems Research Facility is the refurbishing of the Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator's Experimenter/Operator Station. All head down displays for the simulator are coded in Open GL and were ported to Linux computers as a maintenance savings measure. All repeater displays were replaced with flat panel displays. Overhead TV monitors were replaced with LCD displays. New recorders were installed, as well as a digital high definition recorder, which allows for recording of computer files for rapid dissemination of data to the researchers. A data visualization system now shows real-time and recorded data in a variety of perspectives. A new digital video switch now allows faster accessibility to viewing and recording options. This upgrade gives new capabilities, comfort, and state-of-the-art equipment to researchers using the facility.

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