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08.28.07 Division Highlights

99% of conflicts resolved at 2x including arrivals: An analysis of the Advanced Airspace Concept automated conflict resolution function was performed at increasing traffic levels, including arrival aircraft to shared metering fixes. Fast-time simulations of deterministic traffic samples (i.e., without trajectory uncertainties) at 1x, 1.5x and 2x current demand levels for Cleveland Center demonstrated greater than 99% proficiency at resolving conflicts for each demand profile. Enhancements to previous analyses included arrival conflict resolution and removal of boundary artifacts caused by excluding targets external to Cleveland Center, which resulted in late conflict detection.

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Traffic Flow Management Research at AIAA Conference: The foundational traffic flow management (TFM) research being performed by NASA researchers, and researchers supported through NASA Research Announcements was well represented at the recent AIAA Conference Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference during August 20-23 in Hilton Head, SC. The Associate Principal Investigator (API) for TFM chaired one of the two TFM related sessions, and five of the eleven papers presented during these sessions were NASA sponsored efforts. Researchers from NASA Ames presented on a variety of topics ranging from "Central East Pacific Flight Scheduling" to the "Characterization of Days Based on Analysis of National Airspace System Performance Metrics." Overall, the conference participants were supportive of NASA's research endeavors, and several areas of future collaboration were identified.

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Metroplex NRA Kickoff: NASA Ames and Mosaic ATM held a kickoff meeting for Mosaic's NRA entitled "Investigating the Nature and Methods for Managing Metroplex Operations." Dr. Steve Atkins of Mosaic ATM presented a preview of the work to be conducted and engaged Airspace project leadership (PI, PM, APM) and Super Density Operations researchers on Metroplex strategies and technical approach. To foster tight collaboration with NASA research, Dr. Atkins or Mr. Chris Brinton (also of Mosaic ATM) will reside at NASA facilities one week each month.

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Weather Mitigation Strategies NRA Kickoff: The Super Density Operations Weather Mitigation Strategies NRA subtopic participants held a coordination meeting. Professors John Hansman and Hamsa Balakrishnan of MIT, Professor Claire Tomlin of Stanford, Professor Joe Mitchell of SUNY-Stony Brook and Dr. Jimmy Krozel of Metron Aviation participated in discussions with NASA researchers. Discussions included the collaboration of scheduling research activities between MIT and NASA researchers. NASA is now pursuing integration of Professor Balakrishnan's Dynamic Programming algorithm for Constrained Position Shifting in NASA's scheduling research tools.

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Traffic Flow Management (TFM) NRA Kickoff: NASA Ames and Mosaic ATM held a kickoff meeting on integrating better weather information into TFM. Weather forecasts are essential in developing predictable and efficient TFM decisions. Short-range decisions can be made with deterministic forecasts. For long-range decisions beyond about one hour, probabilistic weather forecasts can be useful. However, simply having weather forecasts is not sufficient to make more predictable and efficient TFM decisions. There needs to be a method to translate weather forecasts into predicted airspace capacity using both deterministic and probabilistic information. The goal of this NRA with Mosaic ATM is to develop models to translate both deterministic and probabilistic meteorological and non-meteorological information into a TFM impact model for weather constraints other than convection. These can include constraints such as Clear Air Turbulence and in-flight icing.

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Technical and Outreach Highlights from the AIAA Conference, Hilton Head Island, SC: The annual joint conference of the AIAA Guidance, Navigation & Control, Atmospheric Flight Mechanics, and Modeling & Simulation Technologies was held at Hilton Head Island from August 20-23. There were several streams of interest with solid technical content including several dedicated to Air Traffic Management, UAV command and control, Constellation project, and motion systems. The conference offered a significant networking opportunity for flight simulation outreach activity including: 1) additional work by Hoh Aeronautics, Inc. with sponsorship of the Navy on shipboard landing task development – an impromptu kick-off meeting was held; 2) Boeing Commercial who will place the Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS) in their "continuum" of flight control law testing; 3) Boeing Military who have renewed their interest in using the VMS to further evaluate C-17 pilot induced oscillation issues; and 4) Lockheed Martin who are interested in using the CVSRF B-747 simulator for as yet unspecified research with their partner company, Evergreen.

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