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08.21.07 Division Highlights

Testing Conflict Resolution Real-Time at 2x Traffic Levels: Software has been modified and evaluated for resolving conflicts real-time with 2x traffic in support of Separation Assurance milestones. This research includes running a simulation with live air traffic tracks and automatically resolving conflicts by controlling specific aircraft with an air traffic target simulator. The Pseudo Aircraft System model provides aircraft positions to an air traffic automation system that provides automatic conflict resolutions. At 2x traffic, the number of iterations to resolve a conflict provides a computational challenge to resolve all the conflicts before new ones are added in real-time. Modifications to the software are being considered to address this issue.

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Tool to Generate Future Flight Schedules Completed: A tool was completed by Sensis to generate future flight schedules. AvDemand creates these future schedules by growing a baseline flight schedule, typically recorded from the air transportation system. The growth can be tailored based on assumptions made about the future business case and demand for air travel. For example, AvDemand can reduce the percentage of flights using the hub and spoke system by scheduling more direct flights. Similarly, it can offload arrivals at busy airports to less congested regional airports. Ames researchers will enhance AvDemand by adding new algorithms that also account for constraints such as fleet mix. They will use AvDemand to create future traffic scenarios that will drive simulations of future air traffic management concepts.

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Collaboration with Air Force to Create New Airspace Visualization Tools: The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has contracted with Aerospace Computing Inc. (ACI) to work on-site at NASA Ames to develop new visualization tools for viewing airspace data from simulations. This work is part of a multi-year memorandum of agreement between the AFRL and NASA to utilize AFRL technology and expertise to support airspace data visualization. An initial draft was completed to define the design requirements for the tool to enable users to quickly identify viewable data types within available database and create customized queries.

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New TowerCam Installed at DFW Airport Tower: The DFW TowerCam system has been improved. The TowerCam provides real-time video of DFW airport surface operations via a password protected website. This capability can be used to improve research for the Airportal Project technical element by improving understanding of surface operations. Changes to the TowerCam system include the addition of a new camera, exclusive control of cameras and more secure and less obtrusive locations inside the tower. An updated user guide has also been developed.

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Remote Robotic Operations Demonstrated to Associate Administrator for Science: FutureFlight Central's utility for remote robotic ground operations was demonstrated for NASA's new Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, Alan Stern. The Ames Intelligent Robotics group is interested in using FutureFlight Central to explore new concepts for robotic mission ground operations. They have proposed FFC as a parallel ground operations site along with JSC for the upcoming field test in November to Mauna Kea in Hawaii. NASA researchers say FutureFlight Central has "significant potential for improving mission productivity." Specifically, participants cited the ability to quickly reconfigure large displays (using individual or multiple screens) facilitates operational flexibility, and the use of panoramic views improves spatial and situational awareness.

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