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Cover graphic for the 2020 Presidental Rank and NASA Honor Awards ceremony

2020 Presidential Rank & NASA Honor Awards

The virtual 2020 Presidential Rank and NASA Honor Awards Ceremony for Ames Research Center was held in December. The recording and program booklet are now available. Ames Research Center Director, Dr. Eugene Tu, opened the ceremony and Dr. James Green, NASA's Chief Scientist, was the keynote speaker. Lynette Forsman, the Ames Incentive Awards Program Manager presented the 2020 NASA Honor Awards to 85 employees who have been selected for individual awards, and to 29 groups which have been selected for the NASA Group Achievement Award. The names of the honorees in the Aviation Systems Division are listed below.

Photo of Spencer Monheim

Spencer Monheim - Early Career Achievement Medal
For outstanding Leadership and Technical Contributions to Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) Experiments and ATM-X/UAM project.

Photo of Kathy Lee

Katharine Lee - Equal Employment Opportunity Medal
For being a passionate and dedicated leader and role model for diversity, inclusion, and tolerance at NASA Ames Research Center.

Photo of Gilbert Wu

Gilbert Wu - Exceptional Achievement Medal
For outstanding technical leadership in development of minimum operational performance standards that impact the global aviation community for UAS detect and avoid systems.

Photo of Todd Lauderdale

Todd Lauderdale - Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal
For serial innovation resulting in a set of airspace systems technologies and simulation capabilities now regarded as essential to five aeronautics research mission successes.

Photo of Mohamad Refai

Mohamad Refai - Exceptional Public Achievement Medal
For exceptional contributions to the UAS community through high-quality software development, innovative research, and leadership in the formation of new technical standards.

Photo collage of the UTM TCL4 Demo team

UTM Technical Capability Level 4 (TCL-4) Team - Group Achievement Award
For the successful demonstration of collaborative airspace management by defining a new era in airspace management and enabled the new drone industry.

Yasmin Arbab
Arwa S. Aweiss
Sweewarman Balachandran
Madhavi Latha Balijepalle
Vijayakumar Baskaran
Tiffany N. Blake
Stefan Blandin
Abhay R. Borade
David F. Bradley
Andrew R. Carlsen
Jesse V. Carpenter
Charlene A. Cayabyab
Michele Cencetti
Anjan Chakrabarty
Lauren E. Claudatos
Toby Comeaux
Maria C. Consiglio
Brandon M. Cook
Nicholas J. Craven
Minh B. Do
Brendan J. Duffy
Dat V. Duong
Rachelle L. Ennis
Alexander V. Fedin
Cynthia A. Gabets
Louis J. Glaab
Madison T. Goodyear
Melinda F. Gratteau
Maurice L. Gray
Caterina M. Grossi
Vimmy Gujral
David A. Hare
Dominic E. Hart
Wendy L. Holforty
Jeffrey R. Homola
Corey A. Ippolito
Abraham K. Ishihara
Richard H. Jacoby
Kimberly K. Jobe
Marcus A. Johnson
Ronald D. Johnson
Jaewoo Jung
Sheryl M. Jurcak
Kenji H. Kato
Evan T. Kawamura
George F. Lawton
Qiang Li
Daniel L. Liddell
Justin D. Lisee
Mathias Ma
Lakshminarasimha Madhavrao
Mariah L. Manzano
Lynne H. Martin
David A. Maurantonio
Robert G. McSwain
Joey S. Mercer
Hemil C. Modi
William A. Moede
Nicole Mok
David P. Montes
Andrew J. Moore
Stephanie Morse
Daniel G. Mulfinger
Cesar A. Munoz
Tung D. Nguyen
David D. North
Faisal G. Omar
Andrew L. Peters
Bryan J. Petty
Cesar V. Ramirez
Isaias Reyes
Joseph L. Rios
Shawn Roller
Nicholas H. Rymer
Fu-Tai Shih
Joseph P. Silva
Kyle M. Smalling
David R. Smith
Irene S. Smith
Mark E. Snycerski
Randolph A. Strauss
Raymond A. Torres
Edgar O. Torres Matos
Terence L. Tyson
Priya Venkatesan
Punam Verma
Darryl E. Waller
Sherry Wei
Min Xu

Photo collage of the VMS Lunar Lander demo

VMS Lunar Lander Development Team - Group Achievement Award
For the outstanding design, development, and construction of the Vertical Motion Simulator Lunar Lander Demonstration.

John G. Amaral
Bonnie J. Andro-Avila
Bimal L. Aponso
Sumedha Barna
Steven D. Beard
Karl D. Bilimoria
Karol J. Bobko
Paul S. Brown
Girish H. Chachad
Peter W. Chaplin
William W. Chung
Thomas N. Crawford
Bruce C. Felt
Phillip N. Jensen
Emily K. Lewis
Tracy Miller
John C. Murphy
Khoa V. Nguyen
Stephen J. Norris
Bernardo G. Quevedo
Adam T. Sorci
Patrick J. Thompson
Duc Tran
Tuan C. Truong
Daniel A. Wilkins
Minh H. Wong

Photo collage of the UAM simulation

Urban Air Mobility Simulation Development Team - Group Achievement Award
For outstanding construction and execution of a unique end-to-end simulation capability, providing a powerful test environment, paving the way for Urban Air Mobility research.

John G. Amaral
Yasmin Arbab
John L. Archdeacon
Madhavi Latha Balijepalle
Steven D. Beard
Estela H. Buchmann
Michele Cencetti
Peter W. Chaplin
William W. Chung
Lauren E. Claudatos
Thomas N. Crawford
Rohit V. Deshmukh
Bosco J. Dias
Michael S. Feary
Bruce C. Felt
Robert Fong
Susie Go
Madison T. Goodyear
Franklin X. Gu
Jeffery Hernandez
Duke Q. Ho
Jeffrey R. Homola
Carla D. Ingram
Nelson H. Iwai
Phillip N. Jensen
Srboljub Jovic
John T. Kaneshige
Kenji H. Kato
Elif Kurklu
Thomas J. Lombaerts
Aaron D. Lynch
Carlos Malpica
Julie M. Matsuda
John E. Melton
David P. Montes
John C. Murphy
Khoa V. Nguyen
Stephen J. Norris
Faisal G. Omar
Ramesh C. Panda
Al Paris
Thomas M. Pethtel
Boris M. Rabin
Nicholas S. Riccobono
Marc A. Shaw-Lecerf
Mark E. Snycerski
Adam T. Sorci
Patrick J. Thompson
Duc Tran
Tuan C. Truong
John A. Walker

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