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Cover graphic for the 2020 Ames Honor Awards ceremony

2020 Ames Honor Awards

The recording and program booklet from the virtual 2020 Ames Honor Awards Ceremony are now available. Congratulations to those selected for this year's awards, including Aviation Systems Division staff.

Photo of Savita Verma

Savita A. Verma - Project Management
For her outstanding leadership in defining and guiding the research and development of a generational new air transportation system for urban metropolitan areas.

Screenshot of UAM X2 team members in a Microsoft Teams meeting in Together mode

Air Traffic Management-eXploration (ATM-X) Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Experiment 2 (X2) Team - Group/Team
For their exceptional leadership in defining and guiding the research and development of a generational new air transportation system for urban metropolitan areas.

Heather M. Arneson
Leonard N. Bagasol
Madhavi Latha Balijepalle
Steven H. Chan
Eric T. Chancey
Christine Chen
Xiaoliang Chen
Annie W. Cheng
Jinn-Hwei Cheng
Fu-Sheng Chu
Alexis A. Clymer
Paul N. Cobb
Victoria L. Dulchinos
Kay-Martin Edholm
Tamsyn E. Edwards
Rania W. Ghatas
Maurice L. Gray
Jeffrey R. Homola
Huu V. Huynh
Phu V. Huynh
Jillian N. Keeler
Archit S. Khode
Chok Fung Lai
Todd A. Lauderdale
Alan G. Lee
Joey S. Mercer
Spencer C. Monheim
Kushal A. Moolchandani
Jimmy Nguyen
Faisal G. Omar
Kee Palopo
Priyank Pradeep
Fred Renema
Chin H. Seah
Fu-Tai Shih
Kimberlee H. Shish
Irene S. Smith
Mark E. Snycerski
Ari Stassart
Lindsay K. Stevens
David P. Thipphavong
Priya Venkatesan
Savita A. Verma
Charles M. Walter
Robert D. Wood

Photo collage of the Urban Air Mobility simulation

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Simulation Development Team - Group/Team
For outstanding construction and execution of a unique end-to-end simulation capability, providing a powerful test environment, paving the way for Urban Air Mobility research.

John G. Amaral
Yasmin Arbab
John L. Archdeacon
Madhavi Latha Balijepalle
Steven D. Beard
Estela H. Buchmann
Michele Cencetti
Peter W. Chaplin
William W. Chung
Lauren E. Claudatos
Thomas N. Crawford
Rohit V. Deshmukh
Bosco J. Dias
Michael S. Feary
Bruce C. Felt
Robert Fong
Sumedha Garud
Susie Go
Madison T. Goodyear
Franklin X. Gu
Jeffery Hernandez
Duke Q. Ho
Jeffrey R. Homola
Carla D. Ingram
Nelson H. Iwai
Richard H. Jacoby
Phillip N. Jensen
Srboljub Jovic
John T. Kaneshige
Kenji H. Kato
Elif Kurklu
George F. Lawton
Thomas J. Lombaerts
Aaron D. Lynch
Carlos Malpica
Julie M. Matsuda
John E. Melton
David P. Montes
Chris Murphy
Khoa V. Nguyen
Stephen J. Norris
Faisal G. Omar
Ramesh C. Panda
Al Paris
Thomas M. Pethtel
Boris M. Rabin
Nicholas S. Riccobono
Marc A. Shaw-Lecerf
Mark E. Snycerski
Adam T. Sorci
Patrick J. Thompson
Raymond A. Torres
Isabel C. Torron Valverde
Duc Tran
Tuan C. Truong
John A. Walker
Petrus M. Zaal

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