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2018 NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Associate Administrator Awards

The Airspace Technology Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) Field Demonstration Team led by Al Capps was selected as the winner of the Technology and Innovation group award for 2018 by Associate Administrator for Aeronautics, Dr. Jaiwon Shin. The Associate Administrator Awards are presented to individuals and groups who contribute to Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate activities and who demonstrate exemplary performance in one of six award categories. The congratulatory letter states: “The group’s work and contributions stood out from all of the outstanding research being performed by NASA employees, and thus is well deserving of this recognition.”

See below for the full list of ATD-2 Field Demontration Team winners and read about how team partners at Volpe celebrated the award.

The ATD-2 team poses for a group photo with Dr. Jaiwon Shin.
The ATD-2 team is presented the award at NASA Ames Research Center.

Al Capps accepts the award on behalf of the ATD-2 team. From left to right: Dr. Jaiwon Shin, Al Capps, Huy Tran.
Al Capps accepts the award on behalf of the ATD-2 team.

Melody Lin, presents the award to Bernie Davis and Mike Smith from American Airlines.
ATD-2 team member Melody Lin presents the award to ATD-2 field demo partner representatives from American Airlines. From left to right, Bernie Davis (Regional ATC Director), Melody Lin, and Mike Smith (CLT Ramp Manager).

Melody Lin presents the award to ATD-2 field demo partner representatives from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
ATD-2 team member Melody Lin presents the award to ATD-2 field demo partner representatives from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Melody Lin hands the award to an ATD-2 field demo partner representative from NATCA.
ATD-2 team member Melody Lin presents the award to an ATD-2 field demo partner representative from NATCA.

Kathy Lee presents Volpe team members with teh award.
Pictured from left to right: Katharine Lee, Deputy Division Chief, Aviation Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center; Sarasina Tuchen, ATD-2 SWIM engineering lead (on-site at NASA Ames); Jason Glaneuski, Division Chief, Air Traffic Management Systems (Volpe Center photo).

ATD-2/IADS Field Demonstration Team

* Denotes Team Lead

NASA Ames Research Center
Paul Borchers
Richard A. Capps*
Kevin Carbajal
Richard Coppenbarger
Jeremy William Coupe
Shawn Engelland
Michelle Eshow
David Foyle
Andrew Ging
Becky Hooey
Mirna Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Yoon Jung
Hanbong Lee
Gary Lohr
Lynne Martin
Joey Mercer
Spencer Monheim
Tom Prevot
Leighton Quon
Jordan Sakakeeny (Intern)
Alexander Sadovsky
Shivanjli Sharma
Lindsay Stevens
Jane Thipphavong
Savita Verma
Robert Windhorst
Kevin Witzberger
Shannon Zelinski

Wade Brooks
Sonya Busch
Warren Byrd
Eric Cole
Christopher Del Negro (ret.)
Benjamin Dengler
Alex Ewings
Paul Fontaine
Nicole Franc
Brien Gallagher
Todd Hamer
David Holly
Mike Huffman
Andras Kovacs
Tony Kristovich
Ken Leach
Nick Lento
Ronald Lewis
Mark Libby
Anthony Limon
David Lonkart
Christopher Malitsky
Benjamin Marple
Aaron Maul
Scott O’Halloran
Dennis O’Hara (ret.)
Oriol Oliva
Susan Passmore
Vern Payne
Denville Pieters
Amnon Pollak
Michael Radford
William Rutland
Howard Sapp
Brian Schell
Michelle Sreedharan
Thomas Stockham
Rex Thornley
Chris Tracy
Robert Tyo
Brian Ujvary
Ruben Velez
Stephen Veurink
Eugene Walling
Ross Wagner
Aaron Wilkins
Brandon Yarmark
John Yeo

U.S. DOT Volpe Center
Sarasina Tuchen

National Air Traffic Controllers Assoc.
Michael Hoprich
John Short
Pete Slattery

American Airlines
Mike Bryant
Kelly Carter
Lorne Cass
Jeffrey Condo
Bernie Davis
Mike Dunbar (ret.)
Kerry Facer
Rodney Frascht
Kenya Golden
Craig Goldmintz
Wes Googe
Carol Huegel
Tim Niznik
Suzie Rocha
Michael Smith
Timothy Stull

ASRC Research and Technology Solutions
Charles Walter

Booz Allen & Hamilton
Kari Gonter
Matthew Gregory
Leikny Johnson

Cavan Solutions
John Fergus
Greg Juro
Robert Staudenmeier
Danny Vincent

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Grey Drum
Gail Gilles
Raymond Herron
Justin Hobbs
George Lynch

Thomas Davis
Doug Helton

Robert Goldman

Carlo Calcasola

JMA Solutions
Bill Boggs

Metis Technology Solutions Inc.
Matthew Gregory

Millennium Engineering & Integration Co.
Ehsan Talebi

Mosaic ATM
James Berry
David Brinton
Jason Burke
Andrew Churchill
Nathan Curry
Kevin Day
Mike Garland
Shawn Gorman
Amanda Gower
Dave Hicinbothem
Matt Kistler
Brian Phipps
Dan Pietrasik
Nathaniel Rathjen
Isaac Robeson
Patrick Schultz
Dan Wesely
Stuart Wilson
Jeff Zhao

Brandon Wang

Melody Lin
Andrew Ong

Dayal Nagasuru

Michelle Sreedharan

Sergei Gridnev
Vaishali Hosagrahara
Zhifan Zhu

SimLabs III
Carla Ingram
John A. Walker

San Jose State University Research Foundation
Yasmin Arbab
Debi Bakowski
Nancy Bienert
Todd Callantine
Eric Chevalley
Victoria Dulchinos
Conrad Gabriel
Madison Goodyear
Stacy Granada
Vimmy Gujral
Kimberly Jobe
Josh Kraut
Everett Palmer
Bonny Parke
James Park (intern)
Faisal Omar

Universities Space Research Association
Georg Albrecht
Leonard Bagasol
Steven Chan
Liang Chen
Jinn Hwei Cheng
Joe Cisek
Amir Farrahi
Cynthia Freedman
Leland Helmle
Supreet Kaur (Intern)
Thomas Kozon
Waqar Malik
Jaelin McCreary
Tyler Ngo
Jody Null
Patrick O’Neal
Ian Phelps (Intern)
Keenan Roach
John Sanders
Henry Sielski
John P. Walker
Easter Wang

Wyle Labs
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